If you have a black vintage Moschino heart buckle belt-sized hole in your wardrobe, I can fill it.


Consider me your closet concierge

I know how hard and long it can take to find that perfect thing that seems just out of reach. I named this Oatmeal Cardigan because I’ve been looking for an oatmeal cardigan that’s just the right shade of beige and hits that sweet spot between structured and slouchy since 2011—it’s my sartorial white whale.

I want to help you find the thing you’ve been dreaming of, the ones that got away and the seemingly impossible.


About Me

My idea of the perfect night in is a glass of wine and sifting through every BCBG item on ThredUp

I’ve made a spreadsheet inventorying every single item in my wardrobe

I have a knack for deeply understanding someone’s sense of style and what will suit them

I’m the one my friends come to for fashion advice and shop(ping) talk

I’ve been online shopping since I was 13 on delias.com, which practically makes me like an online shopping savant

I know which brands do what really well

I have shipping and return policies memorized by heart

I read about 15 fashion blogs and websites every morning before I can start my day


My Methods

You’d think online shopping would make it easy to find whatever you wanted, but the abyss of endless options can be really overwhelming. It requires 1) knowing where to look, 2) knowing what to search and filter for and 3) being willing to scroll through tens or sometimes hundreds of product listings. It’s no small feat.

Unlike other online personal shopping services that have stylists pick out items and ship them to you, or ones that offer consultation on revamping your wardrobe as a whole, I’ll help you track down those super specific pieces you haven’t been able to or just don’t have the time to find, then send you the direct links so you can evaluate and shop them at your leisure.

There’s no pressure to buy or keep anything that just isn’t right and there’s no incentive for me to get you to purchase something more expensive—on the contrary, I’ll use my extensive knowledge of sales and promotions to help you find the best deal.



Point You In the Right Direction - $5

Say you’re looking for a white T-shirt with a tight crew neck, washes well and looks good tucked into jeans, but you don’t know where to start. I’ll send you a list of brands where I’m confident you’ll be able to find it.

I’ll Find It for You - $10

If you want specific recommendations and direct links to a piece you’re on the hunt for. It could be that you want a dupe for a luxury item, you want a pair of shoes similar to one you saw on Kendall Jenner, or you have an event coming up where you want a blue satin one-shoulder dress.

RARE Finds - $20

When the piece you’re looking for is rare or extra difficult to find, like a pink faux snakeskin trucker jacket you’re trying to track down from your childhood, a past season designer piece that’s sold out or Penny Lane’s floral embroidered boots from Almost Famous, I’ll continue to look for it no matter how long it takes.


How It Works

1. Fill out the form below. In the Message field, include:

- A detailed description of the item you’re looking for and which service you’re interested in

- Any reference photos or links

- Your sizing information. Measurements and what size you are at your favorite brand is helpful!

- Your budget

- If you need the item by a specific date

2. I’ll connect with you via Slack or WhatsApp (whichever you prefer) and we’ll chat more about what you’re looking for and make sure we’re on the same page

3. I go hunting for your holy grail

4. I send you links to what I’ve found and you can purchase at your leisure

5. You pay via PayPal, Venmo or CashApp. If you don’t like anything I find for you, I’ll take $2 off the fee.


What can I help you find?

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